Time Management Course

Time Hacking 2.0: Elevate Your Game

Instructor: Sanjay SehgalLanguage: English



A Time Management Course designed to help you manage your time effectively and efficiently. This course will offer techniques to help you improve your productivity, reduce stress, and prioritize your tasks.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the art of time management from the expert, a successful CEO and thought leader
  • Boost your productivity and efficiency with live learning sessions, structured syllabus, and practice quizzes
  • Reduce stress levels by identifying time-wasters and learning to prioritize tasks
  • Get a sharable certificate to endorse your success

What you will learn:

  • Time management techniques:
    Learn practical time management techniques to help you manage your time effectively
  • Productivity hacks:
    Get tips on boosting your productivity, including ways to identify and eliminate time-wasters
  • Stress-reduction strategies:
    Discover techniques to reduce your stress levels and achieve a better work-life balance
  • Task prioritization:
    Learn how to prioritize your tasks and focus on the important ones to achieve your goals



Hey, Friends! I'm Sanjay Sehgal. I'm your trusty co-pilot. No need for fireworks, but here's why learning from me is a pretty sweet deal:

1. Take a peek at my virtual trophy cabinet - it's got some shiny awards like TIE Entrepreneur of the Year, 'Most Innovative Digital Transformation CEO', and the snazzy 'Red Herring 100 Winner 2019' plaque. Plus, I've even snagged the Georgia TITAN 2022 and 2023. It's like having a mini-party in my office!

2. Now, my Time Management course isn't just any old course you'll find out there. Nope, it's a curated collection of tried-and-true techniques that have been my secret sauce for years. Trust me, they're the real deal without the bells and whistles!

3. Get set for 90 minutes of pure gold! I'm dishing out techniques and practices that you can sprinkle into your daily routine. It's like adding a sprinkle of magic to your productivity potion!

4. But wait, there's more! This course isn't just about calendars and to-do lists. We're diving into a holistic approach to development. Picture meditation and healthy living - it's like the icing on the cake of self-improvement. And guess what? I'll share my personal tips on how to reap those benefits!

And here's the kicker – I'm not just your average social media influencer. I'm the CEO of a company valued at a cool USD 150 million, with over 30 years of entrepreneurial and investing experience. My company, MSys Technologies, is spread across the USA, Vietnam, Australia, and four premier cities in India. I'm steering the ship with over 2000 amazing crew members, all while keeping that work-life balance game strong.

So, if you're ready to sprinkle some Time Management magic into your life, let's embark on this adventure!

How Time Management Techniques Have Helped Me

It helps me maintain a work-life balance

It helps me streamline my daily work and sort them as per priority.

It helps me get precious me-time to relax and unwind.

It helps me reduce my stress and chances of burnout.

Most importantly, it has helped me maintain my relationship with family and friends.

So, what are you waiting for?

Enroll immediately and learn from someone who is experienced. These courses will help you enhance your productivity and creativity in many ways. Turbocharge your growth today and become a winner!

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